Against the grain

Throughout life we are told what to do, how to think, what to wear, etc. We are assumed rules and standards on how to act or behave based on certain factors such as age, religion or gender. When we become old enough to make decisions for ourselves, we often find ourselves trying to please others. A woman applying for a job in the stock market may find themselves trying to act more aggressive, speak lower, or dress more masculine based off the stock market environmental norm. The perception that only men can do certain things that woman can not do, can be a societal normality. As children, it is possible you may have felt out of place; if you were a girl who played with cars or a boy who like

On your own terms

Grieving can appear in many forms over a lifetime. From an end of a friendship, divorce, or a death of a loved one. Throughout life we create emotional connections with other relational creatures. These connections are encompassed with special moments, memories, inside jokes, and laughs that are irreplaceable. These relationships may even be with an animal that is a part of the family, just as much as anyone else. If we are granted with an opportunity for prosperous relationships, then we are also granted with an opportunity of expiry. With every life is death. Subsequently, with every death, there is life. The end of a paramount relationship can have vast effects on us not only emotionally

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