Stand firm. Stand long. Stand free. Stand tall. Be what your soul requires of you and what the world can not define. Live and breath in your power. Control your experience and your energy put into your experience in the world. Change your narrative. Confirm your persistence. Get what you deserve. Never stop going for it.

Change. period.

The usual both natural and unnatural response to things transitioning to something different than we are use to. The uncomfortable experience of being uncomfortable and walking into the unknown is challenging simply due to our fear of how we may respond; we believe we will have to do; what we will have to do different. Our routine is engraved in our spirit in that we can find ourself walking through the world without experiencing it. How do we create a flexible routine without just surviving it but living it ? Change is what stagnation is not. Change is what the unknown we have't experienced yet. Change is what creates growth. Change is the experience of nature in it's rawest form.

Your Time

When is it your time ? Your time to feel ? To be ? To love ? To fight ? To succeed ? To gravel ? To kneel ? To be humble ? To be confident ? To find your way ? To meet your love ? To devour your flaws ? To overcome your battle ? To survive the storm ? To be yourself ? To find your voice ? To love yourself ? To define love ? To find peace ? To rest ? To die ? To live ? When is it your time ? How do you find your time when the time is waiting for your to embrace the moment ?

Not just in a day

The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree they say. The rock makes ripples that cast far beyond the eye. Those cute little sayings that attempt to encompass the relationship between a parent and child. Surprisingly, it's much more complex than that. A women: nurturer, healer of wounds, complex being, irresistible creature, feeling inside out being, loving from heart to head being, putting everything and everyone before her own needs, defining beauty one look at a time, creating human beings one moment at a time, creating perspectives and life long experiences for others one being at a time, being a man's support, creator, teacher of all things women, creator of all rules women live and die by

Girls and Boys

The first time I realized that I wasn't in control of my expression of my sexuality and personhood when I was in the 5th grade and I had a knock down drag out argument with my mom about me wanting to wear pants to church. I wasn't a fan skirts, dresses, bows, nail polish, etc. I was a fan of Jordan's, jeans, pants, basketball, video games, and friends. I didn't understand the perception and role of gender roles and appearance as I was making my way through the world at that time. I thought that I am dressing how I feel and want to look. I am behaving in a way that makes me feel comfortable although truth be told I was definitely influenced by my peers. I didn't see it as a gender role argume

Knowing when to call it

In a world were we are expected to be perfect and we find ourselves failing to meet that expectation time and time again. It can create feelings of worthlessness, failure, low self-esteem, guilt and shame. We then get in a pattern of fulfilling these ideals that we began to believe about ourselves and look back years later finding ourselves in this place. How do you know when it's time to get yourself out of this pattern and ask someone to help you ? How do you know when its time to invest in yourself even through your lack of confidence ? How would you know the difference between who you are currently and who you were meant to be ? As a rule of thumb: When I have been in moments "trying to

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