All or Nothing

Black and white thinking seems to be the extremes we live. It has to be one or the other; this or that; me or you; you or me; traditional versus liberal; It seems to have come to a crossroads where people struggle with living in a "gray" space were there is room for interpretation, individuality, uniqueness and vulnerability. When and how do we find and allow ourselves to explore the unknown and thoughtfully process our options is partially how to create our sense of self and challenge what we think we know about ourselves. In the moments of experiencing the unknown we resort to our typical pattens of behavior which may or may not encourage change. Extremes are just that and nothing more. Th

Get into your life or watch it pass you by

In this one and only life we have we must assume that it is our responsibility to care for it, experience it, share it and appreciate it. When we find ourselves focused on the monotonous details of our days living without the ability to experience the moments that provide excitement, peace , joy, love, resolution, etc. It is so easy to get caught in the days expectations that one often forgets their purpose. In living in your purpose you realize that the idea that life can be experienced and not lived is a necessary piece and optional. Although most individuals make their lives , hopes, dreams and wishes secondary to them taking care of others which can lead to resentment, anger, etc. How d

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